9 Eco-Friendly Party Ideas

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At Balloon Pop Fiesta, we use natural latex balloons made out of 100% rubber, making them biodegradable and as eco-friendly as balloons get. Recently, we helped host a 30th birthday party for a dear family member of ours who is eco-conscious.

Here are 9 inspiring things we did for her party that you can consider for your next event:

1. Instead of water bottles, we purchased a very large refillable jug of filtered water at our local grocery store and poured water into a glass beverage container.

2. As a fun alternative to throw-away cups, we offered glass mason jars that all the guests could use during the party and take home as a souvenir.

3. We made a 3-tier birthday cake out of watermelon and adorned it with fresh fruit from the farmer's market and the local eco-conscious grocery store.

4. Her watermelon cake featured a custom paper-based cake topper that will serve as a beautiful souvenir of her 30th birthday and is even compostable when she's ready to throw it away.

5. We used all compostable plates, cutlery, and napkins and tried to not use any excessive packaging for food, flowers, or decorative items.

6. The flower arrangements featured local sunflowers and mini-house plants and cacti for her to take home after the party.

7. The guests took turns writing bucket list items they want her to complete in her lifetime and put the scraps of paper into a jar she can keep and remember us by. She read them aloud at the end of the night and it was as funny as it was joyful.

8. We split the party into two groups and played a fishbowl game of charades. Each guest wrote an item on a piece of paper for the other team to guess based on giving a descriptive word and 1-minute of time. It made us all burst out in laughter and brought the whole party together to bond and have a good time.

9. We pulled together to buy a present that she both wanted and needed to ensure that it would be well-loved and used.

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